Sherron and Clovis Grant

Clovis and Sherron Grant are parents of 2 children, ages 26 & 24 years, one of whom has special needs. Sherron Grant is an educator and advocate for persons with special needs. She is currently an elementary school Principal with the Toronto District School Board. Sherron graduated from York University with an Honours B.A. ,... Continue Reading →

Sarah Jama

Sarah Jama is a community organizer from Hamilton, Ontario. She is co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO) and holds a Social Sciences degree from McMaster University. Her lived experiences have fostered interests and a passion for: community engagement, disability justice, and activism. Sarah currently works at the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion... Continue Reading →

Yat Li

Yat is born with bilateral microtia, a condition which the outer and external ear canals are fully formed. Yat cannot wear conventional hearing aids and has profound conductive hearing loss. Despite a physical disability, he has overcome barriers to inspire others in the community. Wearing prosthetic ears and a bone anchored hearing aid, Yat is... Continue Reading →

BIPOC & Disability Lived Experiences Event

On Monday, March 8, 2021, the Law, Disability and Social Change Project hosted a discussion with expert panelists, exploring the lived experiences of racialized people with disabilities in Canada. Below you will find an audio file of the recorded event and the event transcript. To read more information about the panelists, click on their photo. Panelists included:... Continue Reading →

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