Case Comment: Hejka v The Regional Municipality of Durham, 2022 ONSC 2233 by Kiel Baker, Florence Kwok & Laverne Jacobs*

Introduction On April 12, 2022 the Division Court of Ontario rendered the decision in Hejka v The Regional Municipality of Durham,2022 ONSC 2233 (CanLII). Bogdan Hejka was a frequent user of Durham Regional Transit services (“Durham”). Mr. Hejka took the specialized transportation service to access his employment, local gym, and community centre, using these services... Continue Reading →

One Mother’s Impact on the Ontario Family Law Act and the Enduring Challenges of Access to Disability Services

By Victoria Sorge, Windsor Law J.D. Candidate 2019   Introduction Robyn Coates, mother to 22-year-old Joshua Coates, has helped spearhead a long overdue amendment to Ontario’s Family Law Act. This amendment allows all adult children with disabilities to be eligible for child support, regardless of their parents’ marital status. Joshua Coates was born with a genetic... Continue Reading →

Accommodating Multiple Chemical Sensitivities In and Outside of the Workplace

By Ilija Dimeski, Windsor Law J.D. Candidate 2019      What are Multiple Chemical Sensitivities? Individuals who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) are harmed when exposed to common environmental chemicals at levels generally tolerated by the majority. MCS syndrome is also known as "environmental sensitivities", "cerebral allergies", "chemical-induced immune dysfunction", "sick building syndrome", "Gulf War... Continue Reading →

Message from the Director of the LDSC Project

As Director of the Law, Disability & Social Change Project, I am delighted to introduce BLAST, our new blog series. Via BLAST, Windsor Law students, and the occasional guest bloggers, will provide informative and thoughtful pieces that reveal how people with disabilities are interacting with the law. Some of these pieces will illustrate the limits of the... Continue Reading →

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