Message from the Director of the LDSC Project

As Director of the Law, Disability & Social Change Project, I am delighted to introduce BLAST, our new blog series. Via BLAST, Windsor Law students, and the occasional guest bloggers, will provide informative and thoughtful pieces that reveal how people with disabilities are interacting with the law. Some of these pieces will illustrate the limits of the law in providing equality for people with disabilities. Other legal cases and stories discussed on BLAST will show how individuals with disabilities are disrupting legal norms in order to realize equality rights, with far-reaching precedents.

Our first blog post is on the difficulties faced by people who experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivities(MCS), a syndrome that is currently contested within the medical community. In his blog, “Accommodating Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in and outside of the Workplace”, JD student Ilija Dimeski discusses some of the possibilities and challenges of obtaining human rights law protection for MCS in Ontario.

Laverne Jacobs, Director, Law, Disability & Social Change Project and Associate Professor, Windsor Law. 

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